Monday, June 1, 2009

Time to End the KMT/CCP's myth of China

World Magazine: Jun 6, 2009
This week's issue of World Magazine lists on its cover spanning the entire page two words in black and white caps with a background of red: "TIANANMEN MASSACRE". Would that the world's media followed this magazine's example.

This arcticle by Jamie Dean begins:

"Type "Tiananmen Square massacre" into the Chinese-language version of the popular Chinese search engine Baidu, and the first link leads to a video with this title: "The Myth of Tiananmen Massacre." A subhead describes the massacre as "a popular Western myth," and the video features a Chinese man claiming he saw no government violence against civilians in Tiananmen Square on the morning of June 4, 1989. Zhou Fengsuo tells a different story...the gunfire, tanks and blood..." [...more...]

The CCP and the KMT think nothing of rewriting history. They feel no problem with inventing myths and calling history myth if that will deceive people. They care nothing for a free press or freedom of speech but use all to uphold their unjust rule. Back in 1947, US embassy attache George Kerr's urgent reports of the 228 Massacre fell on deaf ears in the US State Department with its "China Desk" pro-China see-no-evil, hear-no-evil attitude. No Formosa Massacre was announced or remembered.

Leaders in democratic nations have to realize that the KMT party governing Taiwan and the CCP regime that governs China both are not operating out of the values that mark nations of the world from Europe to the Americas to Japan, Korea and Australia.

Ruling elites of the KMT in Taiwan and CCP in China are still operating in the imperial and colonial mindsets of the 19th century and earlier. They do not respect international boundaries. They think to grab whatever is within the reach of their power. They think that China should rule the world, or be at the top of the world, and all else annexed or at least become as much as possible an equivalent to a vassal state. They view ethnic Chinese in an almost racist nationalism so that they think about and treat Chinese citizens of other countries differently from other citizens of those countries.

The KMT in Taiwan have created myth after myth to pretend that they govern China -- because they cannot accept the governing in exile of some other country or territory. Nothing less than mythical greater China will do for them. They still foster imaginations that somehow Mongolia should be annexed by China. They claim the ocean and undersea territory all the way to the very edge and shores of Malaysia because at some time, at some legendary point in their "history" maybe some Chinese sailor or fisherman sailed in those seas. And in perhaps the biggest dream of all, the KMT nurture the hope that they may one day seize the throne of China away from the CCP, and then they can finally throw Taiwan out with the trash and be done with it. Or perhaps just cut off Taiwan's head and mount it on a plaque to be displayed in their imperial palace in some side corridor.

They seem to think that if any point in history any kingdom paid any tribute to any empire that had governed the region now known as China, that somehow this kingdom's territory should be annexed if at all possible.

They are wholly self interested, self-centered -- truly a "Center" kingdom.

What is most troubling is that so many in the international media and so many foreign country leaders including President Ma of Taiwan will use whatever mythical language that China dictates in describing the present.

Little do these foreign ministries, departments of state, and international media consider that to encourage this brutal authoritarian dictatorship in China is to expand the number of brutal dictators around the world and to expand the level of human rights abuse in other countries.

Sudan dictator -- supported by China
Myanmar dictators -- supported by China
Iran -- supported by China
North Korea -- supported by China

Sri Lanka -- supported by China. (Now that the Tamil Tigers are defeated, look for some military coup in the future if the present government in Sri Lanka looks like it is beginning to resist China's demands for access to Sri Lanka's ports for China's navy.)

How many others have been emboldened to seize power and ignore the rights of people because the regime in China brazenly continues to do so without consequence!

It is laughable to say -- we need China to help resolve the North Korea situation and to stop North Korea from having nuclear weapons. China could have stopped North Korea over and over and over again. Instead China kept North Korea afloat so that it could use it as leverage to get other countries to make concessions on other issues in accordance with its will. How can anyone expect them to stop North Korea? China will keep holding out for more and more concessions. Will Obama be so naive as to think that making further concessions regarding Taiwan's sovereignty will cause China to crack down on North Korea?

When will the world wake up from their dreams of China? China's violations of human rights are so egregious that even rose-colored glasses are not enough. But, hey, the nations will then put on blindfolds if the glasses don't do the trick.

It is time, this year, to confront China fully for all of its human rights abuses, world destabilization, aggression towards peaceful neighbors, annexation (Tibet) and attempted annexation (Taiwan), and support of dictators, regimes and their human rights violations that even extend to genocide.

Too many in this world have become Neville Chamberlains.

It is time to replace these leaders with Winston Churchills before the appeasement of China leads to a repeat of a history most dark. For that which happened is no myth.