Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comparing Taiwan to the Netherlands who fought for their independent state's existence in 1672

It would be good for those in Taiwan to study the Anglo-Dutch war of 1672. Taiwan is about the same size as the Netherlands and was bordered by much larger empires. France and England and two German states had made a treaty to attack and conquer the Netherlands and eliminate the Dutch State in this war. The Netherlands was politically divided and was a republic at a time when most states were monarchies.

The Dutch did not give up. They took drastic steps to protect their freedom and independence against overwhelming odds and they prevailed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Don't get fatigued...

It seems like those who are after power and money never get fatigued in their pursuit of it. But those trying to defend their freedom and democratic rights get tired and have spurts of pushing forward, but then after a while they want to get on with their normal lives. Therein lies the problem -- those corrupt ones who seize power and money never stop pushing their agenda. They also always lie about it and say whatever they think will lull those already tired into giving up defending their freedoms, losing their vigilance.

We need to be ever vigilant. We can prevail, but it will take more than a month or a year.