Sunday, November 18, 2012

Discontent Over Abuse of Power and Corruption under Communist Rule in China

"People are fed up with corruption and high-handed officialdom, pensions that have not kept pace with inflation, and families being forced from their homes to make way for developments." AP China Protest Report The more centralized the power, the oppressive is living under such regimes. That is why de-centralization, democratization, and local control become so important. That is why it is better to have many small sovereign states than one big state. Or at the very least, in a big state, it is served better with a federal system of divided power between national, regional and local representative governments. This is why there these United States of America.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


講 者:劉重義教授



地點:台中市西 區自治街155號6F-2 (台 灣 大地文教基金會)



地點:屏東縣九如鄉九 如路 二段264號2F (九如鄉圖書館)


時間:2012年11月18日(日) 下午2:00~4:30



二次大戰末期美國國務院擔心進步的台灣被落後的中國接 管可 能會 發生 災難,然而,當時的台灣人並沒有強烈要求台灣獨立,結果台灣被「中華民國」 非法佔據,社會變成烏天暗地。

1946年 「中 華民國」非法更改台灣人國籍,英國、美國都表示異議,台灣人卻保持沉默,文明落差很快就引爆二二八民族大屠殺。

迄今,「中華民國」和「中華人 民共和國」兩個「憲法一中」的政權都異口同聲擁有台灣 主 權,美 國、 日本、加拿大等國都不予承認,但是,台灣人卻仍然保持沉默,甚至某些台灣人領導者還附和承認「中華民國」,更糟的還想轉而依附中共統治下 的中國。

「台灣國籍宣示運動」由超過25個本土社團發起,由台杏基金會、台灣基督長老教會、台灣民族黨、台灣民 族同 盟、 白色恐怖史蹟見證者、高雄 市同心會、高雄市台灣加入聯合國協進會、陳文成基金會,共八個社團組成「台 灣國籍宣示委員會」監督運動的進展。此運動基本上是仿愛沙尼亞本土社團從1985年 到1991年 促 成國家 獨 立的一個重要成功模式,來推動台灣民族向國際社會宣示:咱有權利建立自己的國家,擁有台灣國籍和台灣主權。


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Here is an interesting analysis of how the American media fawns over and covers up for Obama. The interesting part is understanding why it does it. There probably are some parallels with the media in Taiwan and the KMT.



- John Nolte

Excerpts: "In other words, this time it's personal with the media, and should Obama fail or be rejected in any way, everything the media sees in itself and believes will have failed and been rejected.

To ensure this doesn't happen, from day one, the media's become a vital part of the Obama campaign and administration. They've propped Obama up, protected him, lied for him, and attempted to marginalize any threat to his power or electoral success. Yes, it's been and will remain trench warfare, but there's a much bigger goal the media has in mind that will help those of us in the trenches better understand exactly what it is we're up against.

Put simply, we have to get our minds around the fact that the media's over-arching goal is and always has been "History." For the media to affirm everything about itself, Obama must be remembered as One Of History's Great Presidents. Everything the media's done since Obama climbed onto the national stage has been geared towards exactly that."

"But the worst part is that the media created a New Normal so that chronically high unemployment, anemic economic growth, an explosion in poverty, a wasted billion dollar stimulus, green energy cronyism, crushing deficits, and an explosion of social welfare spending could be defined as successful."


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lesson to Learn from U.S. elections

The following is a lesson to learn from the recent U.S. elections: Even in a bad economy, it will be very difficult for a pro-Taiwan party to overcome: 1. voter fraud, 2. brainwashed voting blocks, 3. a tight control of the media, 4. illegal foreign money, and 5. a patronage where tax dollars were used to buy political loyalty.

Scandals can be covered up until after an election. Major news stories can be buried. People can be blackmailed or bought off. Characters of opponents can be assassinated. Police can be illegally used to investigate opponents. Political allies will avoid prosecution for crimes. Political opponents can be prosecuted on trumped up charges. Voters can be intimidated at the polls to vote certain ways. People often will embrace a hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil mindset towards their candidate and party. A political party and sitting president can cultivate a personality cult that grows into messianic proportions.

Chicago mafia style politics parallels KMT mafia style politics.