Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ma Ying-jeou's KMT government continues to brainwash Taiwan's schoolchildren.

The article: Activists angered by ministry’s use of ‘Minnan’ for Hoklo

The video:

Also, check out the blog post from Hui-hông in Taiwanese Identity about the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fascist-Leninist Dictators Worshipped by the KMT

There is a good article on the facts of history regarding the KMT in Taiwan.

Look at the numbers:

Chiang Kai-shek - one of the top 10 worst dictators -- Death by Government by Rudolph Rummel, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii.

The article continues...
"Even if we view Chiang from a layman’s perspective, we see that in the 50 years from obtaining power as commander-in-chief of the Northern Expeditionary Army in 1926 to his death in 1975, his government held no democratic elections and his word was law. What is this, if not a dictatorship?"

"Putting aside Chiang’s responsibility for the 228 Incident, he and his son Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) oversaw 38 years of martial law in Taiwan. According to a report by the Ministry of Justice when Ma was minister, “military courts handled 29,007 political cases with approximately 140,000 victims” under the two Chiangs. In 1960 alone, the government listed 126,875 people as “missing” and withdrew their household registration, showing just how many people were executed publicly or in secret. If Chiang, who ruled the nation through violence and political prisons, was not a dictator, then who is?

Just like any other dictator, Chiang loved erecting statues of himself. According to media reports, there were at least 45,000 such statues around Taiwan, making it the country with the highest density of statues of a national leader in the world. In addition, his dozens of villas and items that he used are now treated as historical monuments and relics — even one of his handkerchiefs is on exhibit at the memorial hall."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ma Ying-jeou's KMT -- Fascist and Leninist

Many in the media including the Taiwan News often use the short-hand descriptor "right-wing" for the Chinese Nationalist Party. A much more accurate description is the "Fascist-Leninist" Chinese Nationalist Party. The accurate "Fascist-Leninist" label very appropriately brings up images of dictatorship. Need we name the ones in 20th Century history?

The party might have moved on to embrace democracy and freedom in this 21st Century. But the government under President Ma Ying-jeou has proven to not have changed at all. The only thing that might hold Ma's KMT party back from pursuing again a Leninist and Fascist One-party Dictatorship is the nature of the world in this 21st Century.

Taiwanese better stand up now before their legs that embody the freedom of democratic change and movement are cut off.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking Responsibility for Your Society

Will you stand up to unjust government and political parties with evil ideologies? Sophie did.

Nazi Germany had the White Rose Movement against the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler.

Taiwan had the Wild Lilly Movement (野百合學運) against the fascist/leninist anti-democratic KMT party.

Sadly, this new generation that grew up under the greater democratic freedoms of the late 1990's through 2008 are not even aware that there is an erosion of freedom and justice. They remain largely ignorant of what happened in the recent past. Their schools never taught them about the true nature of the Chinese party in exile on Taiwan -- the KMT. And the parents did not teach them either. In that brief era of freedom, the parents wanted to move on instead of dwell on the recent fight that had brought them the precarious and hard-won democratic freedom. So the parents moved on. The kids were not taught. And the schools which had barely changed at all continued to spew out KMT propaganda.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

remove evil dictator images from among Eslite merchandise

The following is a video by ahbying that shows how Eslite bookstore has put out some giftshop items including even t-shirts that express endearment to the evil dictators of Taiwan. If you go to Eslite bookstore and department stores -- look for them and when you find them call the manager to complain. Abying calls for a boycott -- whether you do so or not, you must first go complain in loud voices to the managers of each store.

Ahbying says: "蔣友柏 has made some "pop art" shirts with 蔣介石 and 蔣經國. It takes no creativity to take one of the biggest murders of all time (CKS: 蔣介石) and put his pictures in color. How many people were killed because of these two dictators."

Taiwanese need to fight to preserve 台灣人權景美園區 Jing Mei Human Rights Park before the KMT erases its memory

Taiwanese need to fight to preserve 台灣人權景美園區 Jing Mei Human Rights Park before the KMT turns it into a "culture park" to erase the KMT party's brutal and criminal human-rights-violating past. Following is a video documenting the human rights park as it is now. This is a formal secret police prison for political prisoners. (Special thanks to Taiwan Dream Foundation blog and youtube videographer ahbying)

Ahbying: "This is Taiwan history. This is a part of Taiwan history that maybe we don't want to think about; we don't want to see. And the KMT definitely does not the Taiwanese people to remember this ... longest period of martial law ever. Just think of how many thousands of innocent people [were persecuted] just because they wanted to say they were Taiwanese ... to tell the world that they were not Chinese. Just think of how many people were probably killed. How many innocent Taiwanese people like your mom, your dad, my mom, my dad -- you know, the Taiwanese people we see every day -- how many of those people would have been locked up if they had not gone to the United States?"