Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking Responsibility for Your Society

Will you stand up to unjust government and political parties with evil ideologies? Sophie did.

Nazi Germany had the White Rose Movement against the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler.

Taiwan had the Wild Lilly Movement (野百合學運) against the fascist/leninist anti-democratic KMT party.

Sadly, this new generation that grew up under the greater democratic freedoms of the late 1990's through 2008 are not even aware that there is an erosion of freedom and justice. They remain largely ignorant of what happened in the recent past. Their schools never taught them about the true nature of the Chinese party in exile on Taiwan -- the KMT. And the parents did not teach them either. In that brief era of freedom, the parents wanted to move on instead of dwell on the recent fight that had brought them the precarious and hard-won democratic freedom. So the parents moved on. The kids were not taught. And the schools which had barely changed at all continued to spew out KMT propaganda.

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