Wednesday, July 1, 2009

remove evil dictator images from among Eslite merchandise

The following is a video by ahbying that shows how Eslite bookstore has put out some giftshop items including even t-shirts that express endearment to the evil dictators of Taiwan. If you go to Eslite bookstore and department stores -- look for them and when you find them call the manager to complain. Abying calls for a boycott -- whether you do so or not, you must first go complain in loud voices to the managers of each store.

Ahbying says: "蔣友柏 has made some "pop art" shirts with 蔣介石 and 蔣經國. It takes no creativity to take one of the biggest murders of all time (CKS: 蔣介石) and put his pictures in color. How many people were killed because of these two dictators."

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Arthur Dent said...

This is appalling but unsurprising. I think you're right in advising interested parties to loudly protest to the managers of the stores (get someone to film it and post online asap).