Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ma Ying-jeou's KMT -- Fascist and Leninist

Many in the media including the Taiwan News often use the short-hand descriptor "right-wing" for the Chinese Nationalist Party. A much more accurate description is the "Fascist-Leninist" Chinese Nationalist Party. The accurate "Fascist-Leninist" label very appropriately brings up images of dictatorship. Need we name the ones in 20th Century history?

The party might have moved on to embrace democracy and freedom in this 21st Century. But the government under President Ma Ying-jeou has proven to not have changed at all. The only thing that might hold Ma's KMT party back from pursuing again a Leninist and Fascist One-party Dictatorship is the nature of the world in this 21st Century.

Taiwanese better stand up now before their legs that embody the freedom of democratic change and movement are cut off.

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akitasmith said...

Please refrain from libeling poor old Lenin whose name was already abused by Stalin. The KMT has the hallmarks of fascism written all over it echoing other fascist organizations. The only reason Lenin has been rolled out is that many in the DPP/WUFI have been influenced by the old US-based KMT right wing China Lobby that pushed the US into Korea, Vietnam and kept it from making relations with the PRC. Remember facists worship the past dosed with racial supremacy and place the racial family first. . . KMT lawmaker Fei HangTai even proposed, like Mussolini, to fine citizens in their mid-twenties for remaining unmarried. This is all rather old hat, with the real danger being that fascist approaches of the right(Lin Yi-Hsiung's right wing Presbyterian son-in-law)coming to comtaminate the DDP.