Monday, February 23, 2009

KMT symbolically removing freedom and replacing it with Leninist one-party dictatorship

This just in from the Central News Agency:

"Freedom Plaza Tablet to Go
On Feb. 22, a meeting by top officials at the Office of the President resolved to replace before July, the characters for "Freedom Plaza" on top of the central arch with the original ones used for the CKS Memorial Plaza.
總統府22日召開重大議題會議,討論中正紀念堂等相關問題,預定7月前掛回中正紀念堂牌匾。至於自由廣場、大中至正牌匾,等民意有共識後,政府一定尊重。中央社記者鄭傑文攝 98年2月22日"

What an insult to the victims of the KMT authoritarian past.

Will Taiwan's people stand up against this evil? Can we bring any international pressure to contain it?

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