Sunday, May 17, 2009

The voice of the Taiwanese people -- pics from the 517 march in Taipei

Taken in Taipei City, in the nation of Taiwan on May 17, 2009
(I have heard one estimate so far -- not yet confirmed -- that at the convergence of the four march routes, there are at least over half a million people -- ~ 600,000 people.)
[Permission is given to copy and distribute these photos and use them in the media and blogs. The more people around the world who see this expression of the voice of the Taiwanese people, the better.]

UPDATE: Here is an album of pictures from the march.
NOTE: Email your photos to reporters in around the world -- both in local, national and international news media. Especially if you have pictures that show the crowds and also pictures with clear slogans and signs about why people are there marching and protesting. Give them permission to use the photos and tell them the basics -- what city, what date, what march, whom to list for the photo credit. If there are good photos to use, newspapers etc. are more likely to do a story on the event.

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Michael Turton said...

Nice pics! 500,000 is my estimate, the police estimate is a total absurdity, not to mention illegal.