Monday, September 14, 2009

Sever your links with the KMT and its organized crime before it is too late

Click on this link to read the sad story of a man who seems to have gotten connected with the Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese Nationalist Party - spawned mafia -- the Bamboo United. Dead at age: 42. Ten years ago, his wife was murdered at age 33.

Corruption hovers around the KMT and its mafia-connected organizations like flies over a rotting carcass.

Addendum: When people pick one example of a DPP corrupt politician and say, "See, the DPP is corrupt, too," they fail to make the accurate distinction between individuals and systematic corruption in an organization. They also fail to realize that the ability of the few corrupt individuals who have associated themselves with the DPP to profit from the political system is because the KMT with its 60 years of one-party rule specifically design the system to be profited from by corrupt politicians in the KMT party. The KMT multiplied positions, even putting an entire redundant "provincial" bureaucracy covering the same territory as the national government so that even more KMT party elites could put government money into their pockets.

To extend the metaphor further, one could say that flies will try hang around any animal, but the animal will continue to try to swat them away with its tail, so there are never many. But a rotting carcass no longer tries to stop them. They swarm without being resisted. The dead carcass's state encourages the flies, and they multiply.

It is interesting that the word "corrupt" can refer to a political organization, and also to dead rotting flesh.


Atoq said...

so kmt and dpp are both dirty so
what's the other choice?

No moral Equivalence between the two said...

The KMT and the DPP are not equivalent in as you put it "dirty"ness.

The DPP does not have ongoing links with organized crime. The very week that the KMT controlled legislature passed a law allowing for gambling in Peng-hu, President Ma hosted members of the Hip Sing Association (America China-town mafia organization) in the presidential office in Taipei. Coincidence?

Check Jerome Keating's blog if you want to see clearly traced out the corrupt system the KMT set up to transfer (steal) money from taxing the Taiwanese people and line the pockets of their elite.

Any one-party dictatorship will invariably become corrupt very quickly.

Divide power. Take it away from the KMT. That is the only thing that will keep them in check.

DeMo! said...

In any organization, you might find a few instances of individuals who are corrupt. This is especially true in Taiwan where the KMT with its one-party dictatorship designed laws to allow for corruption of the officials.

So, yes, you might find some few DPP people to label "corrupt."

But contrast this with the systematic widespread corruption and links to mafia of the KMT.

Thick as Thieves said...

You can read about the KMT mafia connections in the book, Heijin, by Ko-lin Chin, published by M. E. Sharpe 2003 (Particularly note the Bamboo United and also Celestial Alliance mafia). The entire Golden Triangle heroin drug-lords descend from the KMT military after World War II, who settled in northern Thailand, Burma, etc. They kept their connections with the KMT in Taiwan, and the KMT military folks in Taiwan formed their own mafia. They also had intimate connections with the KMT secret police in Taiwan.

As mentioned above -- in the same week as the KMT-controlled legislature announced the passage of a bill allowing gambling, in the presidential office, Ma Ying-jeou hosted representatives of the Hip Sing Association 協勝公會 from the United States. This is basically a front for the ethnic Chinese mafia in the U.S. Chinatowns.

It is interesting to note, that proposals this year have come out to allow both gambling and prostitution, in some areas. The various mafias stand to make huge profits in controlling gambling, prostitution, as well associate drug trade. With a place like Penghu, if the measure passes, they would be able to act with impunity in drug and human trafficking to supply the demand.

I simply cannot imagine the president of the United States hosting a mafia organization with all ceremony at the White House and getting away with it, without a critical comment by the media.

The expression "Thick as Thieves" comes to mind.

See wikipedia

Joel Linton said...

As I understand it, the DPP has not been able to change any laws because they have never been in control of the legislature. Even during the 8 years of the DPP control of the executive branch, the KMT controlled the legislature. Never once have the KMT been out of power in the legislature.

Here is the link on Jerome Keating's article mentioned above.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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DeMo! said...


Atoq, you got your hearing. If you have an extended argument post it on your own blog and post the link here and anyone who is interested can click on it and go to your blog.

Anonymous said...
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DeMo! said...


You already made this point in your first post at the top. So you should not keep saying the point in different ways. You are like a broken record -- with your one talking-point, that the DPP supposedly is equivalent to the KMT.

There is basic etiquette in a blog forum which you seem not to be able to control yourself to follow.

DeMo! said...

King Solomon of Israel, accounted one of the wisest men in history made the following comment, "Answer a fool according to his folly, and he will be wise in his own eyes."