Saturday, October 17, 2009

7-week march around Taiwan -- Sovereignty Derives from the People -- 人民作主苦行 Citizens are the Boss Walk

This just in from Sue Fan:
Please get the word out.
Yesterday (10/15) while we were still in Taipei, I went to the press conference of 「人民作主運動」苦行活動 held at 2.28 Memorial Park. I could tell then that this movement indeed needs and should have as many Taiwanese as possible to come out and join.

Mr. Lin I-Hsiung (林義雄) and his friends have been planning for the event for some time. Originally, the 人民作主苦行 "Citizens Are the Boss Walk" was to begin last month. However, due to 8/8 Morakot disaster, the event has to be postponed to 11/8.

At the press conference, I was very glad to see Miss Tseng Li-Chung (鄭麗君), who was a leader of 逆風行腳 (Walking Against the Wind) early last year. She had 4 Wild Strawberry (野草莓) young friends with her at the press conference. She and her friends promised that there will be many young people coming out to join the walk from 11/8 to 12/26. Looks like this event will have many folks, men and women, young and old, participating in it.

On 10/18 Mr. Lin, I-Hsiung will participate in a short walk from Long-San Temple (龍山寺) to 2.28 Memorial Park and help distributing flyers along the way to publicize the planned event. Mr. Lin will then participate the 7-week (11/8 - 12/26) walking event. This planned walk will start in Taipei on 11/8, follows the west coast going south to the southern end of Taiwan and then turns northward along the east coast to return to Taipei on 12/27.


1. 依公民投票法第十七條所賦予的職權,就「台灣公民是否同意本屆政府在『一個中國』的前提下,和對岸簽訂經濟合作或其他協議。」一案舉行公投,並以投票結果做為兩岸會談與協商的原則。

2. 要求行政院迅即向立法院提出公投法修正案,補正現行「公投法」之不合理條文、落實主權在民精神。



時間:上午 10::00am



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核四公投促進會 敬上


Anonymous said...
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DeMo! said...

Anonymous, either you have not been living in Taiwan and are ignorant or are just deliberately pushing an falsehood. The way your comment is made, the only conclusions is that you are trying to further KMT/China propaganda.

There is video of these KMT goons connected with the Bamboo United Mafia -- video from 2008 and 2009.

Several previous posts on this blog include footage.

Anonymous said...

what does a "7-week march around Taiwan' mean when people are not even preparing or are not yet prepared to declare Taiwan Independence?

We should first train and have a plan on how to fight the PLA instead of just wanting to reap political mileage from such a carnival.

Aì Tâi-oân said...

We'll assume the anonymous 2 is not the same as the first one (commonly called "troll" in blog lingo)... and so give an answer. A 7 week march around Taiwan is not a military tactic, but it can educate the population of the nation of Taiwan and help counter the propaganda lies and brainwashing of Taiwanese people that the KMT government's public school system inflicted on the people.

Think of Gandhi in India with a colonialist British regime. Taiwan still has been inflicted with a colonialist fascist Leninist regime of the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party).