Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catch Up with the People Sovereignty March and Activities in Kaohsiung in December

Events in Kaohsiung in December "高雄市人權系列活動":

11/23~12/23 美麗島30週年及世界人權影像展 (高雄捷運美麗島站 inside of KMRT station)
PS.KMRT 正中央之非常大型 stained glass "Dome of Light" 是一個public art, which was created by N. Quagliata, based on
the main theme of "tolerance". 十分值得去觀賞

12/10 "回首三十.美麗重拾" concert ( 文化中心至德堂)

12 11 "人民住主.千里苦行" 行走高雄市區
PS. Mr.林義雄 gives a talk in the evening at the big city, after his walking, such as 台中.彰化...

12/12 "民主團結愛台灣.美麗島30週年紀念晚會" (outdoor KMRT 圓環,美麗島事件原地)

12/12, 12/13 "人權.正義.美麗島~美麗島事件三十週年紀念研討會" (高美館演講廳)
PS. 現正展示太平洋南島原住民之精彩作品. 包括撤古流的新創作

12/13 "人權之旅" 高雄市人權景點巡禮

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