Sunday, February 28, 2010

228 Poem - "In Memory of the Massacred"

In memory of the massacred

Still no justice

Murderers and thieves

Walking free under the sun

Money and power still holding

For glutted offspring

Mortgaging Taiwan to buy their China lie

Corrupting the future

But might makes no right

Come, come, their day of reckoning

Mighty? brutal tyrants

They possess but the void

[- Name withheld]


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Ma and the previous Chen and Lee administration must also apologize for the brutal massacres of the Native Taiwanese Aborigines by the early Fujian colonizers .

The Taiwan government must also declare December 25 as ' Native Taiwanese Aborigines Massacre Memorial Day'.

It's about time to apologize for the killings of hundreds of thousands of the Native Taiwanese Aborigines by the Fujian colonizers.

Why 228 only? Why?

Racism? Ethnic cleansing?

DeMo! said...

Most of the "Taiwanese" who speak a Fujianese language are descendants of the Native Taiwanese aborigines.

Secondly, there were wars between all sorts of groups, Hakka, Hoklo, and different Austronesian tribes at times teamed up with each other or battled each other. They also intermarried.

Yes, the government needs to apologize and reverse course from the cultural annihilation it slowly but surely has been imposing on the Austronesians through its aggressive neglect.

The DPP administration from 2000 to 2008 was the first to begin really considering this issue and starting an Austronesian television channel, as well as a Hakka one.

After the Ma administration came, efforts were put in place to erase all but "Chinese" history.

Anonymous said...

Lo and behold!

No more deletions!

That shows maturity and true respect for freedom of speech.


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