Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ways of Teaching the Next Generation: Political Wisdom in Literature

This December will mark the third movie in the series based on Oxford scholar C.S. Lewis' fiction books, the Chronicles of Narnia. Writing for children, Lewis included many comments to teach wisdom regarding the adult world that children would have to navigate. We need these kinds of books for children in Taiwan.

Take for example this quote from The Horse and His Boy which chronicles the escape of a slave boy from a tyrannical empire into a small but free kingdom.

This nation's king discusses relations with their big neighbor:

"Alas... we are a little land. And little lands on the borders of a great empire were always hateful to the lords of the great empire. He longed to blot them out, gobble them up."

Although Lewis modeled this fictional empire after the Ottoman empire, his statement is completely appropriate to China and its relations with Tibet, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, etc. I'm curious to see how this statement was translated into Mandarin for the Taiwan book market.

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You gals luvs the PRC censorship model eh?