Friday, December 3, 2010

Principle to operate on: Advance of Freedom

Many do not like George W. Bush, but you may find this facebook interview quite enjoyable to watch.

One thing to notice is the issue of making decisions based on the principle of freedom.

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There are a lot of gems and excellent quotes by Bush in this interview. ... Maybe we'll take a little time to include some of them.

One big blindspot seems to be Bush's understanding of Taiwan. In the case of China and Taiwan, Bush did not operate out of principle. His State Department did not wholly embrace the freedom of the Taiwanese people. In the video he states that "We handled the Taiwan issue well during my presidency."

History does not bear him out. Ma Ying-jeou's election and the erosion of freedom and democracy in Taiwan was partially a result of the Bush China policies.

Taiwan was not handled well. And under the Obama administration, it continues to be mishandled.

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