Tuesday, July 12, 2011

China's communist government policies becoming a stench in the nostrils of at least some

The continued imperialist and dictatorial policies of China's regime have consequences, even on a small scale. Recently in one small college town in Alabama, a Chinese company's bid on city-owned property was thwarted expressly because of city council members' distaste over China's regime and policies.

"In a whirlwind of emails since last week's City Council meeting, an offer from a Chinese company that wanted to buy the 155 acre former golf and country club was withdrawn after two members of the council made highly negative comments about China and its communist government..."

Meanwhile, president William Cale of the local university which has a large number of international students from China has embraced a more kowtowing attitude, calling the anti-China views "prejudicial" and not consistent with the "pluralistic" philosophy of the university.

Read more: Times Daily


DEMO! thinks that local governments of other nations should be very careful about allowing China's companies getting a foothold because if the recent experience in Africa is any evidence, China's companies are imperialistic in nature. The Chinese regime has fanned an extreme ultra-nationalism in China on the level of Naziism or the Japanese imperialism of World War II. Unlike America's good experience with Japanese car companies opening plants in the U.S., when the Chinese companies set up businesses and factories in other countries, it is often not for the benefit of the local countries. All for mother China.

That local governments are desperate to attract Chinese companies shows already the predatory practices of China that have caused a loss of manufacturing and jobs in the U.S.

Note how in this particular case, the Chinese company wanted to create a training facility that would expand its market in the U.S. rather than cause an increase in local manufacturing. They wanted to expand sale of their products made in China, not produce anything locally in America.

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