Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Social Network Site Groups form to Defend Taiwan's Sovereignty

If you support Taiwan, it is a good first step to publicly speak out and not remain silent. One way many have done so is to join online groups on social network sites such as Facebook that let others know they support the truth about Taiwan's sovereignty and independence from China and from any other country in the world.

After that first step, take a few more if you really want to have an effect. You can use your groups to network and inform each other of important events, issues, votes, etc. And then the member need to actually act. That can range from writing letters to the editors of newspapers, writing letters to public officials, speaking out, and also speaking on the local level -- in schools, among colleagues at work, to neighbors. Groups could periodically post short informative flyers on important issues that each member could commit to printing 10, 50, or 100 of them and distributing the flyers in the mailboxes of their neighbors -- especially if the group members live in Taiwan. This would be a way to counteract the stranglehold on the media that the KMT government has.

Following is a sampling of some of the groups. Just think: with these thousands, just imagine what an impact they could have if they actually regularly took the next step of getting publicly involved with their voices, and their actions.

As people unite, not just with common cause but also with action by every single person, what may seem like small things could really become a powerful force for the good of Taiwan.

台灣建國解放軍 Taiwan is My Country only has 20 members so far.

Taiwan Go has 322 members. It is a student group to promote Taiwan joining the UN. "台灣要向前走 ~
走向聯合國 ~ 走向世界 ~ 雖然聯合國不是最正義的世界組織 ~ 但是加入聯合國是推向世界的第一步 ... Taiwan has to move forward, towards the United Nations, towards the rest of the world, even though the UN isn't everything, at least it is the first step..."

#@#%% IT!! My Nationality is NOT 中國(台灣)!!! has 52 members.

Face it Chinese people, Taiwan has been independent forever has 718 members. "In response to the creation of Face it Taiwan is part of China, Here comes the historical truth. Like it or not, Taiwan has been on its own forever. Ever since the aboriginal Taiwanese appeared on the island, its culture has evolved in its own fashion. Though most people in Taiwan have Chinese origins, that is very false to say Taiwanese= Chinese. Let me put it this way, are Germans = Austrians? and also if you look it like that, Swiss are Germans, Italians, and French... "

Taiwan Independence has 324 members. They state: "This group is for those who support the declaration and recognition of Taiwanese independence. Taiwan is already a de facto independent state with a free and consolidated democracy. This group calls for its formal declaration of independence."

Face It -- Taiwan is NOT part of China had 13,187 members as of 2009/1/1

Support the Independence of Taiwan (R.O.C.) has 2041 members. "Discussion is welcomed, communism is not."

Taiwan Guts United has 164 members. Their five principles:
五大行動綱領 Our Five Principles









Other groups:

Swedish Taiwan Independence Group has 87 members. "We want independence for Taiwan. We support Taiwans efforts to apply to the UN with the name Taiwan instead of the R.O.C. We agree with Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang's quote, 'model democracy of multi-party politics that needs more support from the international community'."

Dave's Independence of Taiwan has 41 members. "FOR THE SAKE OF DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM...INDEPENDENCE IS THE ONLY PATH!"

Another Taiwan Independence group but with only 7 members so far: "For those that are for Taiwan's self determination and know that Taiwan is an independent nation. China claims Taiwan but doesn't even have a single building on Taiwan and hypocritically says Taiwan has yet to "reunify". Taiwan is a modernized, westernized, democratic, and free nation. The future of Taiwan, belongs to no one but the Taiwanese!"

UN for Taiwan has 1702 members.

Recognize Taiwan has 1382 members. This group celebrates all the creativity and industry Taiwan has offered to the world and recognizes that a free and democratic Taiwan was essential for its development.

United Taiwanese Against Oppression has 77 members: "As a human beings, we demand no less than what has been afforded to six billion others -- that is to be treated equally and with respect both to ourselves and our country."

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