Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Lies of China's Supposedly Booming Economy and Taiwan's Economic Salvation Therein

A recent report from the Heritage Foundation finds that all of the rosy economic growth data out of China does not add up. A careful perusal of the numbers leads to their conclusion that:

"The world is going to hear endlessly that, while China is slowing, it is still the fastest-growing economy and other countries would do well to learn from its example. It is closer to the truth that China has suffered more from the financial crisis than any other country in terms of lost growth and jobs." [emphasis added]

If this analysis is correct then there can be no more foolish a policy than the current one under the Chinese Nationalist Party and Taiwan's President Ma Ying-Jeou that is pushing Taiwan towards economic integration with China. The Chinese Nationalist Party is blindly pursuing policies that are weakening Taiwan on every level - militarily, diplomatically, and economically. Their mindless desire to "fight back to their mainland" instilled by 50 years of Leninist dictatorship propaganda and Chiang Kai-shek's pretend China in Taiwan has blinded them to the present reality.

The Taiwanese people -- who believed all of the KMT slick campaign advertisements and promises of a glorious status-quo future with a boundless wonderful economy that will become good quickly under a president Ma -- need to see that there is no truth to the lies and empty promises and foolish notions of this elitist self-serving pro-China KMT party that has pretended it will do what is best for Taiwan.

Related News: It is not just Taiwan's new administration that has blinders towards China. Michael Turton in The View from Taiwan comments on the "noises" from the new U.S. administration about China needing to change its economic policies on its currency --"we are now 7 or 8 presidents into our engagement with China, and most have made similar noises, yet the sacrifice of long-term US strategic and economic interests to short-term business interests and the failure to push for democracy in China has continued unabated."

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