Saturday, July 10, 2010

Public Declarations of Taiwan's Nationhood and Sovereignty

Seen in the New York Times on Saturday, July 10, 2010

ONE MISTAKE: REPLACE "mainland China" with simply "China". Remove the word "mainland" in all communications. Using the word "mainland" implies that the two nations are one as Hawaii is united to its mainland USA.




 臺灣人民謹向世界宣告:我們有強烈的意志要建立一個名叫「臺灣」的獨立國家,並願意與世界各國建立平等互惠的關係。我們不是從中國或中華民國獨立,臺灣本來就是屬於臺灣人民的領土。我們要行使人類天賦的住 民自決權利,建立臺灣人的民主國家。我們堅定向世界各國以及愛好民主自由的人民呼籲並懇求:請給予台灣承認與熱烈的支持。

楊基銓國際文化基金會     臺灣平民民主黨
搶救台灣行動聯盟       臺灣制憲聯合黨
臺灣之友會          臺灣北社
福爾摩莎法理建國會      臺灣教師聯盟
農民黨            建國黨
臺灣平民共和黨        汎美聯盟
日期:             2010年 7月 10日





楊基銓國際文化基金會     臺灣平民民主黨
搶救台灣行動聯盟       臺灣制憲聯合黨
臺灣之友會          臺灣北社
福爾摩莎法理建國會      臺灣教師聯盟
農民黨            建國黨
臺灣平民共和黨        汎美聯盟
日期:             2010年 7月 10日

Taiwanese People's Declaration of Sovereign Taiwanese Nation

In 1945, Japan unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Forces. In September 1951, Japan signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty with 48 countries led by the United States. When the treaty came into effect on April 28, 1952, the sovereignty of Taiwan and Pescadores Islands officially became undecided territories, and the residents of Taiwan also lost their nationality. We declare the right to decide the sovereignty of Taiwan belongs to those six million Taiwanese and their descendants.

Taiwanese people are not the Chinese whom Chiang Kai-shek brought from mainland China. Although they have lived in Taiwan for many years, they have never recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation and refuse to be called Taiwanese. The Republic of China is Chiang Kai-shek’s government in exile group; many countries consider it as a fallen government. Although the People’s Republic of China insists that Taiwan and Pescadores Islands are part of Chinese territories; it is factually untrue and there is no basis under International law. Taiwanese people never recognize it.

We, the people of Taiwan, hereby declare our strong will and determination to build a nation called Taiwan, and to establish equal and reciprocal relations with all nations in the world. Taiwan naturally and rightfully belongs to the Taiwanese people. We exercise our innate self-determination and right to build a democratic Taiwan. We wish all nations and democracy-loving people of the world to give their recognition and strong supports to our cause.

Center International Cultural Foundation
Taiwan Civilian Democratic party
Taiwan Rescue Action Alliance
Taiwan Constituent Party
Taiwan Friends Association
Taiwan Society North
Union of Taiwanese Teachers
Formosa Nation Legal-Strategy Association

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mike said...

So long as the chief ethical value for which you write is the freedom of the individual in Taiwan, then it is a mistake to be calling for *more* democracy. What would best serve freedom here would be a campaign for much *less* government - democratic or not has nothing to do with it.

If your chief value is *not* individual freedom in Taiwan, then I regard whatever differences may exist between yourself and the government in Beijing to be of no interest.

I challenge you to rethink your premises.