Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reports on Taiwan's expansionist authoritarian neighbor.

Two new reports from the Heritage Foundation -- on Taiwan's neighboring nation that wants to rapaciously annex Taiwan. And to think that there are still all those foolish dreamers in the KMT that romanticize a fictitious "re"unification with (read - annexation by) China.

New from the Heritage Foundation on China's military versus Taiwan's military

• China's continues to oppressively violate its own people's human rights... (Topics covered: 1. Tiannanmen Square Suppression; 2. Political and other extrajudicial killings; 3. Treatment of Tibet; 4. Judiciary, Legal and Political Prisoners; 5. Arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home and correspondence; 6. No free speech; 7. No free press; 8. No freedom of Assembly; 9. No freedom of religion; 10. No Freedom of Movement, Internally Displaced Persons, Protection of Refugees, and Stateless Persons; 11. Governmental Attitude Regarding International and Nongovernmental Investigations of Alleged Violations of Human Rights; 12. Discrimination, Societal Abuse, and Trafficking in Persons.)

What an horrible government and what an oppressed society.


Anonymous said...

All nations have their goods and bads.

Our positive is we cheerish our freedom and democracy and goal to be accepted by the whole world as such including Beijing .

We must let the world know that we are not a racist country and doesn't discriminate against the poorer nations.

We should realize that pointing a dirty critical finger on others will not help us a bit.

Noah Bicker

No Moral Equivalence said...

Noah, there is no moral equivalence.

The United States is the greatest and most free nation in the world. The reason the United States is not poor is because of its culture of rule of law and freedom.

China's government is basically an evil empire like the Soviet Union was. China has aided and abetted evil oppressive dictators around the world including Burma, Iran, and Sudan. The only reason China is economically doing well is because it has succeeded in luring other countries to set up factories and it treats its people like expendable slaves as China has done for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

No Moral Equivalence there is indeed no moral equivalence to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to agent orange in Nam, to babysitting dictators like The Shah of Iran, Marcos of Filipines, and the mother of no moral equivalence where US first supported Saddam Hussein VS Iran then invaded Iraq and hanged him. Then there is the invasion of Afghanistan because it just so happen that Osama Bin Laden who is a Saudi is friends with the Taliban.

If Taiwan wants to be independent the only reason should be because it is the will of the Taiwanese people .

And if the USA is really the greatest and most free nation in the world then it ought to respect and support Taiwan.

I don't see any sense that lambasting China to the brink of racism will help in any way .


Aì Tâi-oân said...

Shinichi: "I don't see any sense that lambasting China to the brink of racism will help in any way ."

@Shinichi, please see my comment on the last post about shame.

To strongly condemn evils in a culture is not racist or even walking on the edge of racism. To condemn a government is not the same thing as racism. The condemnation of the elements of a culture (e.g. glorification of elitism) that lead to such a racist government -- that condemnation in itself is not racism.

I'm reminded of the jailed political cartoonist who on Green Island described the society that allowed a KMT dictatorship to prosper as a sickly rotting vat of soy sauce.

I do not think he was being racist. Watch, "Taiwan Tug-of-War" and you can decide for yourself. Probably someone has put that interview on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Aì Tâi-oân , shame is a universal
theme. In Japan people sometimes eviscerate themselves because of shame.

I would not trust my children to study in a school where a teacher shames the pupils to teach a lesson.

I don't see any wisdom in shaming China so that Taiwan can be independent.

If we insist on your logic then maybe we should also shame the USA for abandoning Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

"I would not trust my children to study in a school where a teacher shames the pupils to teach a lesson. "

Who would?

A psycho maybe?

Noah Bicker