Thursday, September 9, 2010

Detailed Historical Records from China -- state clearly that Taiwan is NOT part of China.

An excellent post by Claudia Jean. Read statement after statement, imperial decree after imperial decree that China or the Empires that conquered China did not consider Taiwan part of China.


Anonymous said...

Just like the Falkland Islands or
Malvinas was not part of the UK before 1765.

But GB went to war with Argentina
in April 1982 despite the vast distance from London.( located approximately 250 nautical miles (460 km; 290 mi) from the coast of mainland South America) The War led to the deaths of 655 Argentine, 255 British servicemen and 3 Falkland Islanders.

Even the very serious optimist will not expect China to not do what England did with Stanley.

Conscious and Clear.

??? said...

Does Not Follow -- Non Sequitor.

Anonymous said...

If Taiwanese intellectuals insists on using the past as a bridge to the future then they are exactly just doin what China is doin.

They ought to strive and aim to unite all Taiwanese and prepare their citizens for war with China if they truly believe that declaring formal Taiwan Independence is good for their future.

Otherwise just sayin that China is bad, evil and never claimed Taiwan is just like sisssy gossip talk.

Men should be willing to die for their beliefs and principles
and they should do it with concrete deeds not just simple and idle tonque lashing exercises.

You should be brave like the Argentinians.

Conscious and Clear.

Aì Tâi-oân said...

The chief enemy of Taiwan are those living in Taiwan's society who are enamored with a false idea of China. Using the truth to wake them of from their China dream will help strengthen Taiwan's society and unify Taiwan around the yearning to safeguard its freedom.

Aì Tâi-oân said...

I would say that spreading the truth of history to other nations also in the international community takes some of the shine off of China's bogus propaganda claim to Taiwan. It never hurts through repetition of a theme to pound the truth of the situation into news media's sometimes-thick skulls.

That is part of the reason for some of the recent posts. "The Ten Conditions of Love" documentary also gives to the world a more accurate portrayal of China's government and exposes its lies.

Anonymous said...

Just sayin repeatedly the magic mantra that China is evil will not make Taiwan suddenly be freed from
the bad sorcerers iron grip.

Hard reality means people must fight and be willing to die for their beliefs and principles.

The world didn't just give support and recognition to East Timor, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia just because they mimic a parrot sayin its master is Satan!

You must prepare to fight and die for it here in Taiwan . How can people sympathize with a cause when their leaders choose to secure an American passport and enjoy the good life in America?

Concerned for Truth said...

Notice that the KMT regime of Ma is trying to propagandize high school students with their fictional history of China's interactions with Taiwan in the new history curriculum.

Articles like Claudia Jeans are necessary to confront pro-China liars in the KMT.