Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Plea from Taiwan

"Taiwan is at the brink of being swallowed up by communist China. This is no exaggeration. Depending on how things continue to unfold, it is a sure possibility. My friends, please pray for my beloved Taiwan."

"We, the people of Taiwan, are protesting the current KMT administration for the illegal pushing through of a trade agreement with China without the promised deliberation of the agreement. 

Even under normal circumstances, a trade agreement with any nation should be carefully deliberated. But this is not a normal trade agreement. It is a monumental trade agreement made with China, the one nation which at this moment has 1600 missiles aimed at Taiwan. The same China which has constantly claimed that Taiwan belonged under its socialist rule. This non-reciprocating trade agreement would be a major stepping-stone to handing the economy of Taiwan to China rule and the eventual demise of Taiwan independence. 

For folks who talk favorably of ‘free trade’ between China and Taiwan, let me explain. There is no such thing as ‘free’ trade, especially when it comes to negotiations with communist China. Really, how do you negotiate with someone who is aiming missiles at you? We’re not talking export-import of merchandise. This trade agreement is opening up the investment of major industries in Taiwan to China investors. With unlimited money and government backing, it is only a matter of time before China’s investors would take over control of these major industries. Once China takes control over Taiwan industries, Taiwan’s livelihood will be dependent on China controlled companies. China already controls most of Taiwan’s media. Now it’s aiming to take over Taiwan’s economy. Is anyone still so naive as to insist that China will only concern itself with the financial sector of Taiwan? Speak to people from Hong Kong, Tibet, and other countries China is threatening to take over. Learn from their tragic stories. 

What we Taiwanese stand to lose is our very sovereignty as a nation. For those of us who have sacrificed so much for Taiwan’s democracy and independence, a lot is at stake. The people of Taiwan have repeatedly asked for the review and deliberation on this pact, and it was promised that deliberations would take place and votes taken item by item. On March 18, all promises were broken and the pact illegally pushed through without any deliberation. What it feels like is that the KMT administration has sold us to China.

On the evening of March 18, once catching wind that the pact had been illegally pushed through, hundreds of students took over the legislative building in civil disobedience to call its governing officials to account. The KMT has not responded. Outside the legislative building are over ten thousand gathering supporters. We supporters are only too grateful for the student protestors who have bravely stepped into the role of being Taiwan’s watchdog, taking desperate measures to ensure our freedom. 

US friends have asked about our safety. That is a hard question to answer. In one sense, we are fine. The student protestors are completely peaceful and very organized. They are sitting quietly in solidarity, and exhausted after a hundred hours of standing their ground. The only violence we might expect is if the KMT orders the police to forcibly remove the protestors. Amongst the gathering supporters are grandparents and parents with children. It has been reported that if a confrontation were to come about, parents plan to hold their babies and stand between the police and the students, so as to protect the students inside. That’s how much we all support their cause.

So do not believe any China-controlled media which are calling these students ‘violent’. They are not. They are thoughtful students issuing thoughtful statements, statements which would make any democracy-supporter proud. 

... We do not fear any physical danger. But I am very concerned for the safety of our freedom. If the KMT succeeds in selling Taiwan to China, then we are in grave danger indeed."

- Judy Linton

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Anonymous said...

Americans are woefully ignorant of the true history of Taiwan, and our news media has used censorship to ignore this most momentous event as Taiwan tries to save its democracy. I am appalled by the complacency and the lack of information. I applaud the Sunflower Movement for students' caring enough about their country to put their lives on the line.