Friday, March 28, 2014

To Effect Lasting Change ... Remember November

This email from Jerome Keating:

"The protests continue and the Ma government tries to either stonewall them, ignore them or even use their spin-doctors to claim the students are the violent ones.

But while all this is important; it is also time to remember this in the future. I have witnessed too many protests in Taiwan where people protested, felt good and went home. Only to have to get out and protest again after they were stonewalled and nothing changed.

A big protest is being planned for Sunday, but change will only come at the ballot box. Everyone needs to mark their calendars for November 29, and put this reminder there. "Remember all that Taiwan went through, and in particular the Sunflower Revolution, Don't let it be in vain."

Read the following to remind you and spread the word.
Taipei Times editorial 3/28/2014

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