Friday, March 28, 2014

Taiwan’s Very Own Boston Tea Party

An Open Letter to the People of the United States of America

Why does the USA ignore Taiwan? Many American friends have asked, “Why haven’t we heard anything about what’s going on in Taiwan?”

1) A lot of USA media gets their China/Taiwan related news from China-controlled sources. China and the KMT doesn't want to draw international attention and both work tirelessly to feed propaganda to the world.

2) America, a former beacon of democracy, has in recent decades, sycophantically kissed up to communist China and ignored democratic Taiwan. America has forgotten its democratic roots and ideals. The US administration would rather 'get in good' with a socialist state which continues to commit horrific human rights crimes than support one of the most democratic nations in Asia.

On March 18, Taiwan’s ruling party KMT joined forces with China to turn over Taiwan’s economy to China’s control. If China controlled Taiwan’s economy, it would only be a matter of time before Taiwan’s 23 million people fell to China’s communist rule. As hundreds of students in civil disobedience began an unprecedented occupation of Taiwan’s Parliament, and as tens of thousands of Taiwanese gathered outside its Parliament to support the protest, America’s media reported only of Mrs. Obama’s ‘cultural exchange’ tour in China. We, Taiwanese, can only sadly note that recent American administrations no longer resemble the heroes of democracy we have all so admired in US history.

My hope is this: That there still shines a beacon of democracy somewhere within the people of America. Here we are on the battlefield in Taiwan, staging our very own Boston Tea Party against the powerful KMT/China coalition. But for us this time, the stakes are not ‘taxation without representation.‘ What is at stake is the forever loss of our democratic nation to communist China. And if our beloved nation of 23 million falls, it will not only be our own loss, but a loss to the entire free world.

Would you stand with us? Would you support our fight for democracy and freedom from China’s rule?

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke.

Praying for courage, for Americans and Taiwanese alike,

Judy Linton (Taiwanese American living in Taipei)

On 3/30, rallies will take place all across the world’s major cities. Locations and times listed below.

To understand more why a ‘mere trade-agreement’ would lead to China’s eventual take over of Taiwan, check out:

To see why Taiwan’s future affects the USA, these 2 articles touch on the issue:
1) What Would America do if China Invaded Taiwan?
2) From A Ukrainian Winter to a Taiwan Spring

Please consider showing your support:

New York, US  15:30
Boston, US
Washington, Pennsylvania,US  2014/3/28
North Carolina, US
Pittsburgh, US
Texas, US  13:30
Michigan, US
Seattle, US
San Diego, US 13:00
Los Angeles, US  14:00
San Francisco, US 2014/3/29 13:00
Southern California, US  14:00
St. Louis, US
Oregon, US  15:00
Chicago, US  14:00
Dunedin, NZ 14:00
Auckland, NZ
Sydney, AU
Brisbane, AU 15:00
Canberra, AU
Melbourne, AU 14:00
Cairns, AU 16:00
Adelaide, AU 15:30
Tokyo, JP 14:00:
Kyoto, JP 14:00
Fukuoka, JP  14:00
Seoul, SK  13:00 mob)
Busam,SK 13:00 mob)
Manila, PH 17:30
Hong Kong 13:00
Milan, IT 10:30
Vienna, AT 13:00
Berlin,GE 14:00
Frankfurt, GE  13:30
Amsterdam, NL 15:00
Paris,FR  14:00
Toulouse, FR 14:00
Strasbourg, FR 14:00
LONDON, UK  13:00
Dublin, IE 10:00
Stockholm, SE
Barcelona, ES 16:00
Valencia, ES 12:00
Madrid, ES 2014/3/29 11:30
Lake Zurich, CH 14:00
Brussels, BE 14:30
Vancouver, CA 2014/3/29 16:00
Montreal, CA 15:00
Toronto, CA  2014/3/29 17:30
Calgary, CA 12:00

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